Getting To Daufuskie Island in 2020 | Visit Daufuskie Island | Top Activities on Hilton Head Island in 2020

Getting To Daufuskie Island in 2020 | Visit Daufuskie Island | Top Activities on Hilton Head Island in 2020

How to Get to Daufuskie Island is a Fun Part of the Daufuskie Difference Experience!



Yes, there are cars on Daufuskie Island... but NO! You cannot drive TO Daufuskie Island from Hilton Head Island 😉

You're Going To Need To Purchase Daufuskie Island Ferry Tickets!

The Best Way To Get To Daufuskie is by Ferry Boat

Visiting Daufuskie Island is among the very top activities for families visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. If you've never been to Daufuskie Island, you're missing out on a pleasant, but much different experience than your typical Hilton Head Getaway. Below you'll find our recommendations on the perfect trip to Daufuskie Island!

First off, when you plan on visiting Daufuskie Island make sure that you book an ALL-INCLUSIVE TOUR instead of purchasing from several different operations in order to "get a better deal" on Daufuskie Island Tours and excursions.. if you're looking for a beautiful and isolated beach to visit this summer... you've found the perfect place in Daufuskie Island.

REMEMBER 👉 You can only get to Daufuskie Island by Ferry boat... you can always check out the best DAUFUSKIE ISLAND FERRY TICKETS HERE.

Many of our guests choose to book our FAMOUS SELF-GUIDED GOLF CART TOUR OF DAUFUSKIE ISLAND! When you book your ferry tickets to Daufuskie, you'll depart from our location on Beautiful Broad Creek Marina on Hilton Head Island. Our location is the safest place for your vehicles on mainland than any other lot! As you depart on the ORIGINAL DAUFUSKIE ISLAND FERRY BOAT, you'll be enchanted by a fascinating historical tour. Along the way, we always search for dolphin who love to swim around our boats when we cruise across the Broad Creek.

After the Daufuskie Island Ferry Boat departs from Broad Creek Marina on Hilton Head Island, and then arrives to Daufuskie Island, you'll step foot on the stunning location of Freeport Marina!


As you walk along this property, you'll likely smell the unmistakeable aroma of delicious grilled cheese burgers and Lowcountry Local Seafood that's cooking to perfection at the Old Daufuskie Crab Co. Restaurant. If you're visiting Daufuskie Island on the weekend, you'll also probably hear the tunes of one of the top performing bands in the Lowcountry area on the Freeport Marina Music Stage. You can find the list of live music and entertainment here. This is the HUB of Daufuskie Island fun for the whole family.

There are two things you cannot leave Daufuskie Island without trying first... while you're visiting the Old Daufuskie Crab Co. Restaurant located at Freeport Marina, be sure to try the most famous cocktail in the Lowcountry... SCRAP IRON! There is an amazing story behind the infamous Scrap Iron cocktail that everyone loves. Check it out here.

These SCRAP IRON cocktails served at the OLD DAUFUSKIE CRAB CO. RESTAURANT taste great... but most of the time, just 1 will do it for you!

You're also going to be kicking yourself if you do not try the most famous Lowcountry Delicacy in the history of Daufuskie Island... the world famous DAUFUSKIE ISLAND DEVILED CRAB! You can find the ORIGINAL RECIPE BEING USED FOR THE DAUFUSKIE ISLAND DEVILED CRAB over at the Old Daufuskie Crab Co. Restaurant at Freeport Marina.

After you're finished with your Daufuskie Island Golf Cart Rental, you will need to return it back to the "Not So General" General Store located in Freeport Marina. Once you've returned your cart, it will soon be time to depart from Daufuskie Island and travel back to Hilton Head Island on the Ferry Boat.

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