Daufuskie Island Ferry & Hilton Head Barge Services

Getting to Daufuskie Island & Where to Park Your Vehicle

Do you need to get to Daufuskie Island from Hilton Head? We offer daily round-trip departures from Broad Creek Marina on Hilton Head to historic Daufuskie. We ask that you please arrive 30 minutes before the Ferry is scheduled to depart. Ferry transit time is approximately 1 hour.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have coupons or special promotional offer discounts please DO NOT book online. You must call our office at 843-342-8687 to redeem your discount.

DAY TRIP TO Daufuskie Island
Daufuskie Island DAY TRIPS

Upon Arrival to Ticket Office…

For departures from Hilton Head Island – Once in the parking area, head towards Broad Creek (the water and docks). The ticket office window is located in the white building located by the long wooden dock. If you booked online, remember to bring your confirmation email and ID in order to pick-up your tickets.


Daufuskie Island's FAVORITE Ferry Service

If the forecast calls for inclement weather, please call 843-342-8687 for reservations and other important information.

Daufuskie Island Barge Services

We provide a commercial barge service with the capacity to carry tractor trailers, large buses, construction equipment, and curb appeal services to Daufuskie Island. We can also provide barge service outside of the scheduled runs below. Our barge services are ideal for Contractors on Daufuskie Island, Builders on Daufuskie Island, and Residents of Daufuskie Island.

The barge is tide dependent. It can take an hour and a half for travel time on the water between Broad Creek and Daufuskie. The barge scheduled runs are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday Customers can also charter the barge for non-run days. Once the barge is on Daufuskie it will stay for a minimum of 1 hour with a maximum of 3, depending on customers needs.

Please call 843.290.9336 to schedule.

Rates are $3.00 per square foot round trip.

You may barge your CAR or SUV filled with your luggage for your Daufuskie Vacation Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday, but reservations are required to ensure available capacity.

$300 for Round Trip Vehicle Transportation on our barge. This also includes storage for your vehicle on Daufuskie Island at Freeport Marina ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Call 843.290.9336 for reservations.

Daufuskie Island Barge Schedule

July Barge Schedule

Day Date Load at Broad Creek Depart Broad Creek Arrive to Daufuskie
Wed 1 1:00PM 2:00PM 3:30PM
Thurs 2 2:00PM 3:00PM 4:30PM
Fri 3 4:30AM 5:30AM 7:00AM
Sat 4 5:30AM 6:30AM 8:00AM
Sun 5 6:00AM 7:00AM 8:30AM
Mon 6 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Tues 7 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Wed 8 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Thurs 9 7:30AM 8:30AM 10:00AM
Fri 10 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Sat 11 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:30AM
Sun 12 9:30AM 10:30AM 12:00PM
Mon 13 10:00AM 11:00AM 12:30PM
Tues 14 11:00AM 12:00PM 1:30PM
Wed 15 12:00PM 1:00PM 2:30PM
Thurs 16 1:00PM 2:00PM 3:30PM
Fri 17 1:30PM 2:30PM 4:OOPM
Sat 18 4:30AM 5:30AM 7:00AM
Sun 19 5:30AM 6:30AM 8:00AM
Mon 20 6:00AM 7:00AM 8:30AM
Tues 21 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Wed 22 7:30AM 8:30AM 10:00AM
Thurs 23 8:30AM 9:30AM 11:00AM
Fri 24 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Sat 25 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Sun 26 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:30AM
Mon 27 9:30AM 10:30AM 12:00PM
Tues 28 10:30AM 11:30AM 1:00PM
Wed 29 11:30AM 12:30PM 2:00PM
Thurs 30 12:30PM 1:30PM 3:00PM
Fri 31 1:30PM 2:30PM 4:00PM

August Barge Schedule

Day Date Load at Broad Creek Depart Broad Creek FP Arrive
Sat 1 4:00AM 5:00AM 6:30AM
Sun 2 5:00AM 6:00AM 7:30AM
Mon 3 6:00AM 7:00AM 8:30AM
Tues 4 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Wed 5 7:30AM 8:30AM 10:00AM
Thurs 6 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Fri 7 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Sat 8 7:30AM 8:30AM 10:00AM
Sun 9 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Mon 10 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:30AM
Tues 11 9:30AM 10:30AM 12:00PM
Wed 12 10:00AM 11:00AM 12:30PM
Thurs 13 11:00AM 12:00PM 1:30PM
Fri 14 12:00PM 1:00PM 2:30PM
Sat 15 1:00PM 2:00PM 3:30PM
Sun 16 4:00AM 5:00AM 6:30AM
Mon 17 5:00AM 6:00AM 7:30AM
Tues 18 5:30AM 6:30AM 8:00AM
Wed 19 6:30AM 7:30AM 9:00AM
Thurs 20 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Fri 21 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Sat 22 7:00AM 8:00AM 9:30AM
Sun 23 7:30AM 8:30AM 10:00AM
Mon 24 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:30AM
Tues 25 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:30AM
Wed 26 10:00AM 11:00AM 12:30PM
Thurs 27 11:00AM 12:00PM 1:30PM
Fri 28 12:00PM 1:00PM 2:30PM
Sat 29 1:00PM 2:00PM 2:30PM
Sun 30 4:00AM 5:00AM 6:30AM
Mon 31 5:00AM 6:00AM 7:30AM

Note: During the Months of June, July, and August we will be running the Barge on MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY. SPECIAL SCHEDULED BARGE RUNS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY.

The Barge operates based on the High and Low Tides. We load up at Low Tide, and depart as the tide rises enough for the Barge to float. Due to the ever changing Tides, the actual departure and arrival times may vary. Please give us a call if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for your business!