Daufuskie Island Barge Update (Sept 2022)

Hello friends of Daufuskie Island!

A quick update regarding the Daufuskie Island Barge and Broad Creek Marina. While BCM (Broad Creek Marina) is rebuilding its pier, which will take approximately eight months, we've relocated our loading/unloading point for the Daufuskie Barge to Bull Island Plantation Landing. This will be our temporary loading/unloading area until BCM (Broad Creek Marina) rebuilds its pier, which is expected to take around eight months.

The best way to access the new landing is to take Burnt Church Road from US-278 to All Joy Road. Take a left on All Joy Road and then take another left on Thomas Lawton Drive. That road will dead end into Ulmer Drive, and you should take a right on Ulmer Road and follow it a short distance to 43 Ulmer Road, where a sign is marked “Bull Island Plantation Landing.” There is room to turn around at the landing. Please see the photo attached below for reference.

Thanks for your patience during this time!

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